Who is Connie Wyatt

Who is Connie Wyatt?

Hey Y’all,

Welcome to my Website! 

I’m a simple, low-maintenance kind of girl who would rather kick back at home than almost anything.  Actually, my daughter calls me a hermit crab. I’m perfectly content to stay here with just my books, art materials and camera, taking photos of my dog, Ellie, and my traitor cat, Riley, who likes to snuggle up with only with my husband.  Never mind that I’M the one who rescued him.  I’M the one who practically demanded that we keep him.  I’m not bitter though.

This blog is a reflection of who I am, and I warn you, I’m changing every day, so my blog may also change over time.  I have this vague idea where I want to go with it, but I’m learning that the only way it’s going to get there is for me to begin blogging and see what happens.  But isn’t that the way of life?  We just take that first step and see where it leads.

What you can expect here is lots of inspiration for seeing all that’s beautiful in your world.  I believe it’s important that we focus on the beauty because when we do that, the ugliness fades into the background.  The more beauty we see, the more thankful we become.  Gratitude brings joy and joy is a positive emotion that fills us with hope.  That hope settles into the recesses of our hearts.  To have that kind of hope and joy is to have life that is abundant and full.  That’s what I want for you.

My objective is to show you that no matter the circumstances of your life, and I know that there can be some mighty bad ones, to not give up hope.  I encourage practices like journaling, praying and meditation to grow closer in your relationship with your Creator and to learn more about yourself and what really makes you come alive.

My paintings and photos are used in the process along with my crazy musings about life.  You might even find some poetry thrown in.

I hope you will find a cozy nook, grab your favorite beverage, and hang out with me awhile.  I would love to show you around. 



In a Nutshell…

Connie Wyatt is a life-breakthrough coach for women.  She has spent a lifetime doing accounting, but when she grew up at 50, she decided she wanted to be an artist.  And so she became one.

She lives a half mile off the road in a small country town in the upstate of South Carolina.  Married to her best friend, Jimmy, they have two fur-babies who sleep in the bed with them, and a grown daughter who prefers city life.