Is it just me, or does anyone else have a gloomy season?

Let me begin by saying, I am blessed!  I know this.  I have so much going for me, and yet STILL I sometimes feel as though life gets the best of me. My gloomy season really begins mid-November.  I know, I know – November and December should be the happiesst times of the year.  I do love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my mom makes the best New Years Day dinner in the entire world.  But still, there is a sadness...

finding hope

Finding Hope at Christmas after Losing Someone You Love

Glitter and gold, presents, lighted candles and trees, and lots of food all represent the Holiday season. For most of us, it’s that time of year where our hearts open a little wider. We look forward to gathering with family and others we love. But for almost all of us at different times, Christmas will not always be joyous, but leaving us with a deep yearning for what was. If you’ve lost someone, especially in the last year, I want...

Beauty and Death

Beauty and Death – Life’s Dichotomy

I’m really not sure I’m going to post this so it will free me up to write what I truly feel and not try and conform to what I feel my readers would want. That’s a misconception anyway, as readers want the truth. No matter how ugly that truth sometimes is. This morning I am surrounded by beauty. The cloud-filled sky in various shades of gray making for a beautiful backdrop to the amazing crimson reds, yellow ochers, rust browns,...


Words on Wisdom and 4th Painting in Spirit Birds Series

Wisdom takes a lifetime to acquire, and many never do. Wisdom strives to know oneself. Even if it comes with a high cost. Wisdom is not taking pride in dogma, and always believing you are right. Wisdom is able to admit that you are wrong when you are. Widom is putting forth the hard work of sorting out the truth, yet knowing you’ll likely never get there. Wisdom is knowing what’s right for you, even when no one else stands...


Peace – 3rd in Spirit Bird Series

Peace….. Peace can be that calming spirit you feel in the presence of a child. Peace is the certainty that everything will somehow be okay. Peace is believing that there is a higher power or God that is pure goodness. Peace is knowing you made the right decision, no matter what someone else thinks. Peace is living a life of integrity. Peace is trusting that God is love. Peace can be a gift – such as that calm you feel,...


Meet Forgiveness – 2nd in my Spirit Bird Series

Ahhh forgiveness… Not always the easiest of emotions to handle, but in order to thrive in this life, we must let go. Let’s talk a minute about what forgiveness is not.  Forgiveness is not about changing your mind and agreeing with the person who wronged you. Or it’s not about letting someone walk all over you and continue to do so. And it’s not about giving in either. What forgiveness is about is releasing this very negative emotion, not necessarily...

The Search

The Search

The flower is in bloom even at night when it cannot be seen. The owl hunts, whether the moon is full or new. Questions rage as the trash piles high. Secrets and lies, lies and secrets. What is the truth, who really knows? This way or that way, is either the path? A heart full of yearning, a mind full of logic. Whose logic is it? From where did it come? From when did it come? Listening for the answer...

Power of Pause Slow Down Live
The Big Ball in the Sky

The Big Ball in the Sky

After that beautiful solar eclipse last Monday, I’ve been reminiscing about my childhood, and my love for the moon. Dad had a telescope and many summer nights were spent with us looking at the moon and planets.  I was so in awe with it all. This was in the late 60s, but his telescope was pretty powerful.  We could see the craters on the moon, and Dad taught me to know the difference between planets and stars.  The stars, even...

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