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The Calf Path by Sam Walter Foss
Moonlit Night

The Lesser Light

His splendor is like the sunshine, I’m the lesser light. He is like a glorious morning, I am as the moonlit night. The sun in all its glory calls all of nature to awake. But even in the nighttime, another light God did joyfully make. A light that reflects the glory of the One who did create, all things great and small. Though not as bright as the sunshine, Its light is sufficient to lead us home. So glad I am...

Simply Joy

Simply Joy

Yesterday while on my walk with Ellie, I trespassed onto my neighbor’s property and came upon his garden. I couldn’t help myself. It has all sorts of flowers dancing about – calling me. Some tall, some short and all beautiful. I took several photos, but my favorite was of a purple chrysanthemum. It looked like it was glowing in the evening sun. This was my photo inspiration this morning, and while I couldn’t possible do it justice, I gave it...

Morning at the Beach

Terri’s Bliss

Terri’s Bliss 11 X 14 Oils Yesterday was one of those days where I had scheduled a time to paint, looked through my photos for a reference photo and nothing stood out. Then I thought about a couple of projects on my list for friends of mine. I started sketching out one but just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve learned that if I don’t feel like painting something, it’s best to leave it until I do. Most of the time I...

Dawn Magic