The Search

The Search

The flower is in bloom even at night when it cannot be seen. The owl hunts, whether the moon is full or new. Questions rage as the trash piles high. Secrets and lies, lies and secrets. What is the truth, who really knows? This way or that way, is either the path? A heart full of yearning, a mind full of logic. Whose logic is it? From where did it come? From when did it come? Listening for the answer...

The Big Ball in the Sky

The Big Ball in the Sky

After that beautiful solar eclipse last Monday, I’ve been reminiscing about my childhood, and my love for the moon. Dad had a telescope and many summer nights were spent with us looking at the moon and planets.  I was so in awe with it all. This was in the late 60s, but his telescope was pretty powerful.  We could see the craters on the moon, and Dad taught me to know the difference between planets and stars.  The stars, even...

Bending in Life's Storms
muffin tops

Muffin Tops

Once upon a time, my stomach behaved, no matter what I fed her, inside my pants she very politely stayed. No more is this the case, sad but true Now she looks more like a big pot of barbeque stew. She misbehaves badly, giggling, jiggling and wiggling And it’s not that I necessarily need a body that’s sizzling. But come on, I at least want my stomach to sit inside that latest pair of mom jeans I recently bought to...

Moonlit Night

The Lesser Light

His splendor is like the sunshine, I’m the lesser light. He is like a glorious morning, I am as the moonlit night. The sun in all its glory calls all of nature to awake. But even in the nighttime, another light God did joyfully make. A light that reflects the glory of the One who did create, all things great and small. Though not as bright as the sunshine, Its light is sufficient to lead us home. So glad I am...

Dawn Magic