Is it just me, or does anyone else have a gloomy season?

Let me begin by saying, I am blessed!  I know this.  I have so much going for me, and yet STILL I sometimes feel as though life gets the best of me. My gloomy season really begins mid-November.  I know, I know – November and December should be the happiesst times of the year.  I do love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my mom makes the best New Years Day dinner in the entire world.  But still, there is a sadness...

Beauty and Death

Beauty and Death – Life’s Dichotomy

I’m really not sure I’m going to post this so it will free me up to write what I truly feel and not try and conform to what I feel my readers would want. That’s a misconception anyway, as readers want the truth. No matter how ugly that truth sometimes is. This morning I am surrounded by beauty. The cloud-filled sky in various shades of gray making for a beautiful backdrop to the amazing crimson reds, yellow ochers, rust browns,...

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Bending in Life's Storms
Moving Forward
Breaking Bad Habits
Solve Marital Disagreements

What Are the Best Ways to Solve Marital Disagreements?

Marriage is the bringing together of two souls. Fortunately or unfortunately, those two souls have their own opinions and beliefs about every matter under the sun. So not surprising, every once in a while, those opinions and beliefs will collide. Some disagreements are pretty harmless. Things like how to squeeze the toothpaste, and where you plop your purse or wallet when you get home are usually petty and don’t cause huge problems. But what about those bigger issues where you...

Changing What's not Working
Old House on Lake Keowee

A Painting – Old House on Lake Keowee

“If it were easy, everyone would be being it.” I reminded myself of this more than once yesterday. I love to paint, but it’s tricky for me. But I am still learning. I think I will always be learning. Most of the time when I paint, I get to a point that I don’t know what to do. I try to just enjoy the process and go with it, and most of the time I can get almost where I want...

The real problem to sticking with your goals may not be what you think. Become aware of the real issue..