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Words on Wisdom and 4th Painting in Spirit Birds Series

Wisdom takes a lifetime to acquire, and many never do. Wisdom strives to know oneself. Even if it comes with a high cost. Wisdom is not taking pride in dogma, and always believing you are right. Wisdom is able to admit that you are wrong when you are. Widom is putting forth the hard work of sorting out the truth, yet knowing you’ll likely never get there. Wisdom is knowing what’s right for you, even when no one else stands...

Power of Pause Slow Down Live
How to get rid of your limiting beliefs
Spending Time Alone

Why Spending Time Alone is Good for Us

  Spending time alone is good for us and should be practiced often. Many people are either too busy or too afraid to be alone. It has become an epidemic in today’s culture that people are always connected.  If not in person, by phone, text, social media, Facetime, Skype, you name it. And while it’s great, and also healthy, to be around others, we have lost the practice of simply being alone. If you feel you can never be alone...

Changing Your Negative Thoughts

Six Ways to Change Your Negative Thoughts

Have you ever tried to change your negative thoughts? If so, you know how tough it is. Our thoughts run rampant every waking moment. Our thoughts dictate whether we have a successful day, filled with peace and joy, or a terrible day filled with doom and gloom. Our circumstances can be the same, but our thoughts about a certain situation makes all the difference. I heard someone say, “It’s your choice. You can wake up every morning and say, Good...

Self Awareness
Letting Go to Grab Hold
I think I can
Moving Forward
Breaking Bad Habits