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Slowing Down so your soul can catch up.
Spending Time Alone

Why Spending Time Alone is Good for Us

  Spending time alone is good for us and should be practiced often. Many people are either too busy or too afraid to be alone. It has become an epidemic in today’s culture that people are always connected.  If not in person, by phone, text, social media, Facetime, Skype, you name it. And while it’s great, and also healthy, to be around others, we have lost the practice of simply being alone. If you feel you can never be alone...

Self Awareness
Discover Your Passion
Solve Marital Disagreements

What Are the Best Ways to Solve Marital Disagreements?

Marriage is the bringing together of two souls. Fortunately or unfortunately, those two souls have their own opinions and beliefs about every matter under the sun. So not surprising, every once in a while, those opinions and beliefs will collide. Some disagreements are pretty harmless. Things like how to squeeze the toothpaste, and where you plop your purse or wallet when you get home are usually petty and don’t cause huge problems. But what about those bigger issues where you...

4 Reasons to Start Journaling Today
A Snowy Day - Photo Journal

Snowy Day in the South – A Photo Journal

Friday night brought big fluffy flakes and just cold enough temps to give us about 3.5 inches of snow. I slept with one eye open all night, watching those big fluffy white flakes dance in the wind. Oh what a beautiful sight for this Southern girl. Jimmy almost always has to go to work anytime it snows, leaving me alone with only my fur-babies and camera. I wasn’t up five minutes when I grabbed that camera and went to work....

One Word for 2017
Getting Inspired Doesn't have to be hard. Try these little tricks today!

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Spark Your Creativity

How many times has this happened to you? You’re sitting in front of the keyboard staring at the flashing cursor on the blank page. You need to write that report, blog post, book, whatever it may be, but feel like you can’t write even one coherent sentence. Or maybe you got excited over some idea, but now that it’s time to take action, you feel paralyzed. These are signs of resistance, and occur regularly anytime we attempt to do something...