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Quick and Easy Avocado Spread

Quick and Easy Avocado Spread

Cooking is art too, and I love to play around in the kitchen, creating new recipes.  Sometimes they work, and other times not so much. I’ve been experimenting with avocados lately.  I love them, especially in the summer.  And it’s one of the few fatty foods I can feel good about eating.  This recipe is very similar to guacamole, except I leave out a few ingredients, and have adjusted what’s in it to my taste preference.  It only takes a...

Space to Breathe
Grapefruit Essential Oil

10 Amazing Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil is a powerful oil with many benefits. It’s truly one of my favorite go-to oils. It honestly just makes me feel good. If I want a little boost – I grab my Grapefruit oil. Grapefruit oil has many amazing uses. See below for 10 ways Grapefruit Oil can benefit you. Stress Reducer To relieve stress, just diffuse or put a few drops mixed with a carrier oil on your skin and feel the calm. Stops Sugar Cravings...

Bending in Life's Storms
Changing Your Negative Thoughts

Six Ways to Change Your Negative Thoughts

Have you ever tried to change your negative thoughts? If so, you know how tough it is. Our thoughts run rampant every waking moment. Our thoughts dictate whether we have a successful day, filled with peace and joy, or a terrible day filled with doom and gloom. Our circumstances can be the same, but our thoughts about a certain situation makes all the difference. I heard someone say, “It’s your choice. You can wake up every morning and say, Good...

4 Reasons to Start Journaling Today
Jar of Thankfulness

Now is the Time to Begin Your Jar of Thankfulness

Have you heard of a Jar of Thankfulness?  I hadn’t until yesterday.  While browsing on Facebook I saw a friend’s post on her Jar of Thankfulness from 2016. So what exactly is it?  A jar of thankfulness is simply a jar, (imagine that) but not just any jar.  The thankfulness part comes in when at the end of every week throughout the year, you write a brief statement on a small piece of paper telling what you have been most thankful...