Quick and Easy Avocado Spread

Quick and Easy Avocado Spread

Cooking is art too, and I love to play around in the kitchen, creating new recipes.  Sometimes they work, and other times not so much. I’ve been experimenting with avocados lately.  I love them, especially in the summer.  And it’s one of the few fatty foods I can feel good about eating.  This recipe is very similar to guacamole, except I leave out a few ingredients, and have adjusted what’s in it to my taste preference.  It only takes a...

Basket of Strawberries

Basket of Joy

A joy to paint, I have named this one, “Basket of Joy,” 12 X 12 Oil Painting.  In a workshop I took earlier this year, taught by the amazing artist, Dreama Tolle Perry, she drilled into our heads that art is more about the journey, and feeling joy in the moment.  This might not apply to brain surgery, but with art, if we do it with joy, and let go of the outcome, it will show through.  This is what I did...