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Changing Your Negative Thoughts

Six Ways to Change Your Negative Thoughts

Have you ever tried to change your negative thoughts? If so, you know how tough it is. Our thoughts run rampant every waking moment. Our thoughts dictate whether we have a successful day, filled with peace and joy, or a terrible day filled with doom and gloom. Our circumstances can be the same, but our thoughts about a certain situation makes all the difference. I heard someone say, “It’s your choice. You can wake up every morning and say, Good...

4 Reasons to Start Journaling Today

The Illusion of the Perfect Holiday

Have you seen the latest Publix commercial? It’s the one with the family cooking, and then gathered round the big dining table. Afterwards, grandma is reading to her granddaughter on the sofa while her daughters are dancing as they wash the dishes. As I watch this I can’t help but feel warmth in my heart. I mean it’s so perfect. The family is laughing and loving on each other all day while feasting on the best of foods. However, I...