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A Snowy Day - Photo Journal

Snowy Day in the South – A Photo Journal

Friday night brought big fluffy flakes and just cold enough temps to give us about 3.5 inches of snow. I slept with one eye open all night, watching those big fluffy white flakes dance in the wind. Oh what a beautiful sight for this Southern girl. Jimmy almost always has to go to work anytime it snows, leaving me alone with only my fur-babies and camera. I wasn’t up five minutes when I grabbed that camera and went to work....

Daisies and Bucket

Summer Bucket

Summer is here, with all that it brings Warm breezes, and sun tans, Swimming pools and umbrellas, Wide brim hats and gardens, Flowers popping up everywhere. Sunsets and lightning bugs, Grass under our toes, Watermelon and peaches, Cool creeks and branches, The sound of evening thunder. Enjoy this season, for it will soon be gone. Breathe in the warmth while it’s still here. And never forget to dance, Under the moon in a summer night’s sky. Simplicity abounds, enjoy it...

For the Love of Cats

I didn’t own a cat until a little over two years ago. I got along my whole life without one. Really I never even wanted one. Me? I’m a dog person. Dogs are loyal, they run to you and wag their tails at you when you return home. Cats are aloof and do their own thing. But about four years ago, I noticed a colony of feral cats hanging out near an old shed, in the back lot of the...

Simply Joy

Simply Joy

Yesterday while on my walk with Ellie, I trespassed onto my neighbor’s property and came upon his garden. I couldn’t help myself. It has all sorts of flowers dancing about – calling me. Some tall, some short and all beautiful. I took several photos, but my favorite was of a purple chrysanthemum. It looked like it was glowing in the evening sun. This was my photo inspiration this morning, and while I couldn’t possible do it justice, I gave it...

My Daddy - The Happy Camper

In Honor of Father’s Day – My Funniest Memory

I’ve heard that as time passes, our memories morph into something different from the reality that was there. Maybe so, but it seems, for me anyway, that all of my worst and my best memories from childhood include my dad. The story below has got to be one of the top highlights of my childhood. It’s been over forty years now, and I still cannot think about it without laughing. And laughing out loud. It was in the mid-70’s, probably...

Walden – Series Intro

    Walden, a book written by Henry David Thoreau, is packed full of wisdom from the past. Wisdom that, I believe, needs to be made more widely known today. Published in 1854, the book was written during a two year time period when Mr.Thoreau left his home to live in a small cabin in the wilderness. It was there that he wrote his thoughts on life. As I read it, I gain insight on not only simple living but...