Finding Hope at Christmas after Losing Someone You Love

December 7, 2017

finding hope

Glitter and gold, presents, lighted candles and trees, and lots of food all represent the Holiday season.

For most of us, it’s that time of year where our hearts open a little wider. We look forward to gathering with family and others we love.

But for almost all of us at different times, Christmas will not always be joyous, but leaving us with a deep yearning for what was. If you’ve lost someone, especially in the last year, I want you to know that I am truly sorry.

The season of hope can seem hopeless sometimes. If you are going through a time of mourning this Holiday season, please know that you are not alone.

Christmas is about love, hope and believing. It’s part of the magic of Christmas, but to share in this, we need to open our hearts as well as our minds.

I believe that miracles are all around us if we will only see them. Not just at Christmas, but any time.

Here’s a story of one such time.  I once attended an outdoor wedding of a sweet couple, Aaron and Sara. Sara had lost her mother to cancer almost a decade before.

The wedding took place in a garden setting on a beautiful April afternoon. The garden was magical with fountains filled with bright orange gold fish, large wind chimes and lots of gorgeous plants loaded with flowers of many colors.

The temperature was perfect but the air still. As I took everything in, I noticed the wind chimes and thought it would be nice if there was a breeze to make them chime.

There was a special chair on the front row reserved for the mother of the bride. Written on the back of the wedding program, was a note from the bride, giving honor to her mom’s memory and saying that she knew her mom would be there with her for her big moment. I believe the words went something like – that we would feel her in the breeze.

For thirty minutes I sat there prior, with not a breeze at all.  But let me tell you that as soon as this beautiful bride walked down the aisle, the “breeze” picked up, and the wind chimes began to sing.

Once Sara met up with her groom, the breeze stopped and all was quiet. However, during the vows an especially gorgeous butterfly flew right past Sara’s head, almost touching her ear, and then slowly flittered up the aisle as people watched on. I couldn’t help but think that this was Sara’s mom. I later learned that others thought this too.

After the pastor pronounced Aaron and Sara as man and wife, they kissed, and would you believe the breeze picked up again? If sure did. And now even more than before, really bringing the wind chimes to life this time.

I looked around, wide eyed, wondering if anyone else noticed this. They didn’t seem to.  But even more that the butterfly, to me this was a sign of Sara’s mother – celebrating with her.

Coincidence? You may say yes, but not me. I will always believe that Sara’s mom was right there with us that day.

While this isn’t a story of a cardinal, it is well known that cardinals are also signs that our loved ones who have passed are actually very near to us. They are reminding us that we aren’t alone.

If you are sad this Christmas, because you’ve lost someone, please try and open your heart and all your senses. If you do, you may very well see a cardinal, or a butterfly, or  feel a breeze that seems to come out of nowhere.

Is it just a bird, insect or the wind? Maybe, but what if it’s something more? Just maybe, it is your special someone coming to say – I love you, and I am still with you.

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with hope and love.

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    1. Hi, I found your site by following you on Instagram (my cat’s account).
      My Mom was my closest friend. She got breast cancer, which mestasticized to her liver 3 years ago. I am her only child, and she was divorced, so I was her sole caretaker.
      She passed December 19th, 2016. My daughter and I were there with her, holding her hand when she passed.
      I love this story about the cardinal. I believe in God, and so did she.
      I have left a light on in my kitchen since she passed almost a year ago, and it is still on. I sometimes say to Mom, “if you are at peace, please let the light go out”. I know she is with God, but sometimes a “sign” would be comforting.
      Thanks for your story, and your pictures, I enjoy them tremendously!

      1. Hi Barb,

        I’m really sorry about your mom, and hope that you find your sign that she is at peace. I feel like she is there with you every day. I hope that you will see your “Cardinal” very soon. Love and hugs, Connie

        1. Thank you Connie ❤ Your post today really came at the right time! God bless you for the positivity you let shine ☺

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