Peace – 3rd in Spirit Bird Series

October 30, 2017



Peace can be that calming spirit you feel in the presence of a child.
Peace is the certainty that everything will somehow be okay.
Peace is believing that there is a higher power or God that is pure goodness.
Peace is knowing you made the right decision, no matter what someone else thinks.
Peace is living a life of integrity.
Peace is trusting that God is love.
Peace can be a gift – such as that calm you feel, right smack in the middle of a storm.
Peace is having no bitterness or anger in your heart.
Peace is loving your neighbor, whether they deserve it or not.
Peace is having a friend that you can totally be yourself around, without fear of judgement.
Peace is like a tree on a warm spring day.
Peace is watching the snow fall from inside your warm, cozy house.
Peace is one of our most precious treasures.

And my 3rd Sprit Bird is called… P E A C E

And that is my wish for you today.

“Peace” is a 5″ X 7″ oil on panel.

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