Words on Wisdom and 4th Painting in Spirit Birds Series

November 2, 2017


Wisdom takes a lifetime to acquire, and many never do.

Wisdom strives to know oneself. Even if it comes with a high cost.

Wisdom is not taking pride in dogma, and always believing you are right.

Wisdom is able to admit that you are wrong when you are.

Widom is putting forth the hard work of sorting out the truth, yet knowing you’ll likely never get there.

Wisdom is knowing what’s right for you, even when no one else stands beside you.

Wisdom is knowing that others’ opinions of you is none of your business.

Wisdom is being afraid and going after “it” anyway.

Wisdom is not education. Education is good, but it alone is not wisdom.

Wisdom is being able to see both sides of a situation, and knowing there is a third.

Wisdom often means forging your own path through the wilderness.

Wisdom is always being open to learn something new.

Wisdom is letting go of old conceptions that no longer work.

Wisdom is being open to different opinions, even though you may disagree.

Wisdom is taking knowledge and coupling it with experience.

And finally… Wisdom is the realization that you know next to nothing at all.


Wise One is a 5″ X 7″ Oil on Panel  $75.00

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